Meet Datuso.
Simpler way to collect and manage your customer opt-ins.

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Campaigns obtaining declared consent for the use of each communication channel receive 22% better response rate to the delivered content

Get your customers opt-ins and start your effective campaigns faster

Stop spamming them , get propper opt-ins through various channels

Regular e-mailing.
MailChimp campaign
Highp with Datuso

Product features

  • Multichannel opt-ins

    Datuso provides wide range of opt-in channels, including mobile app for your sales & medical teams, various web opt-in forms for your webpages, API opt-in for your mobile applications, SMS opt-in and Call opt-in.

  • Mobile ready

    Datuso offers an innovative application developed to support companies with the development of their own customer databases. It can be rapidly deployed in accordance with the highest data security standards. .

  • Fast and easy way

    Datuso offers fast and easy way of collecting doctor’s consent for processing data, thanks to its integration with physician databases. Medical representative can instantly access individual records, and collect physician’s written consent for processing of personal data.

  • Reliable and secure

    Reliable and secure synchronization process. Instant access to physician database online and offline with strong password protection.

  • Highest data security standards

    Datuso enables for collection of digital signatures in line with the highest European data security standards.

Complete solution.

  • Processing of customer data
  • Multichannel opt-in opt-out functionality
  • Single & Double opt-in
  • In line with the highest European data security standards
  • Secure hosting
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Integration with Highp


Intuitive, 2-step process allows for collection of basic as well as additional data. Multi opt-ins feature available as well as work address or grouping.

The best app to acquire customers opt-in.

Empower your sales representative or event crew with Datuso App.

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Datuso works
perfectly with Highp

Get your customers mobile phones, emails and communication approval to improve quality of modern remote detailing. Datuso is made to work with Highp — business video messaging.

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